Hello and welcome to the blog for CF Fitness and Coaching!

For my first post I’d like to introduce myself a little bit and give you a brief summary on my experience in the field of health, fitness and sport as well as what this blog is all about and how it can be a beneficial source for you.

My name is Connor and I am a qualified Personal Trainer with various qualifications and experience as a Rugby coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Swimming Instructor. I have recently established the business ‘CF Fitness and Coaching’ which will primarily deliver Personal Training sessions running out of Corby Strength Gym and Stewart’s & Lloyds RFC as well as bespoke training programmes for all needs.

This blog will follow the progress of some of my clients, with their consented information of course, alongside various posts about health, nutrition, weight loss strategies, training ideas with some rugby and coaching thrown in there for good measure. I will also be exploring other subjects during my study of Sport, Fitness and Coaching Bsc which will hopefully help give you guys some tips/ideas on things you can implement into your own routines.

I am very open to discussion and any criticism that you might have with anything I post so please feel free to leave comments if you want to express any agreement, difference of opinion or just want to say Hello!



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