Five reasons to have a personal trainer

Nervous about exercising? Don’t know your lats from your glutes? Reluctant to work-out alone?

Well, if that’s you, look no further — here are five reasons to have a personal trainer:


A personal trainer will always be there, rain or shine, for your allocated time. Exercising can be a social activity, and your personal trainer can double up as a therapist, if you want them to of course!


Even if you only do a few sessions with a personal trainer, this should be one of the main reasons. With your personal trainer communicating to you throughout your sessions, they will provide an education on all equipment and exercises, explaining what muscles are being worked and how it is benefiting you.


Along with education comes analysis, both short-term and long-term, which is always non-judgemental.

If you have bad form whilst performing a certain exercise, your personal trainer can offer immediate feedback to ensure you are doing it correctly, which will prevent injury. Over a longer period, a personal trainer will analyse your progression, and plan sessions accordingly.


That leads us nicely onto session planning. Your personal trainer will plan all your work-outs, keeping things fresh to allow you to fulfill your potential during your allocated time. Your personal trainer will also help set you some realistic goals and devise an achievable plan to not only reach those goals, but smash them.


And to help you smash your targets, your personal trainer will be there every step of the way giving you that extra motivation, to maximize your time spent exercising.

That doesn’t mean to say your personal trainer will take up a military-style position and bark orders at you. Sure, they can do that if that’s what you’d like, but they will be understanding to you and your personal preferences.

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